After shaking up the shelves in the UK and Europe, the 89-calorie lager has come to Australia.

It’s time to drink different – Skinny Brands, creators of revolutionary Skinny Lager, have announced that the beer will be landing on shelves across Australia at the beginning of October.

Skinny Lager boasts a low carb content of only 2.97g (0.9%). It’s 4% ABV and comes in at only 89 calories per bottle and is gluten free and vegan friendly – so it really ticks all the boxes!

The lager is best served ice cold from the bottle, has a crisp, refreshing taste and will be available just in time to grab a few bottles ahead of the summer months.

It’s taken the UK by storm and has gone from strength to strength since hitting the shelves back in December 2016 – in under two years, the company has produced over 2 million bottles.

Gary Conway, co-founder and Global Sales Director at Skinny Brands, has over twenty years’ experience in the beer industry and has brought his expertise to the company. His knowledge and passion for the industry has allowed Skinny to cross borders, allowing it to finally reach the land down under.

Gary comments: “Everyone is keen to be more informed about their carb intake – we want to help people who are keen to stay on top of what they consume, without having to give up on their social life. After all, why shouldn’t you enjoy a drink with your mates? It’s what summer’s for!

“We’re thrilled to touch down in Australia after such a great reception from lager lovers in the UK and Europe, and we hope people in Oz love Skinny Lager as much as we do in the UK!”

Skinny Lager will be available from over 220 Dan Murphy’s stores and 1300 BWS stores across Australia from 1st October 2018.