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The first company in the UK to specialise in producing a perfect range of ‘Skinny’ alcoholic alternatives.

Born out of consumer and market insight we have been dedicated from the start to give you the customer and the market what it wants, what it’s missing and more so what it needs.

Innovation is driving every aspect of our company and the products we create. From creation, to management, to marketing & branding, we are asking questions of the norm and pushing boundaries in all directions.


Tom our Managing Director and Co-Founder started a company in 2012 called SkinnyBooze specialising in offering the UK consumer a range of Lower Calorie/Sulphur/Sugar products across Wine, Beer & Spirits. All whilst Gary our Director and Co-Founder was the European Director for Corona.

Our founders Tom & Gary created SkinnyBrands after working in the alcohol sector for more than 30 years between them. With endless consumer and market insight and a relentless drive to offer the global consumers something completely new and innovative SkinnyBrands was born.

Understanding the gap in the market, what customers wanted and needed and with completely aligned thoughts on branding and innovation they decided to do what has never been done before.

With Tom’s innovation, foresight and entrepreneurship and Gary’s huge tenacity, wealth of experience and expertise they have created a company that is light-years ahead of the competition and doing things never done before.


Customers want perfection, excitement and innovation. They want products that tick every box and answer all their prayers. The Lower Calorie Market is full of products that just don’t deliver exactly what they need to.

The market is flooded with ‘Light’ products with consumers not understanding what ‘Light’ means – it is completely misleading and doesn’t give the customers the information they need to make an informed decision.

Light could mean – colour, taste, alcohol, calories, sugar, sulphur, carbs, fizziness and more. Companies are producing products that reduce the alcohol strength and call it ‘Lower Calorie’ with no innovation at all. Reducing the ABV% and then the price because of duty isn’t what the customer wants.

Customers want a product with the same or similar alcohol strength, that they can enjoy as much as a regular product, pay no more than they are used to and also be Skinny.

But this demands great innovation and that’s what we live for!